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For complex systems, we use the superb Omnis Studio software development tools.  We have used Omnis products for many years and have found them very powerful in developing a wide range of software.  Features include:

  • RAD - Rapid Application Development allows us to develop software more competitively
  • We can build any size of system, from stand-alone single-user to large multi-user
  • Solutions can be scaled as the customer's requirements grow
  • Omnis includes its own powerful database engine, or can be used as a 'front-end' to leading server databases, including including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and to many others via JDBC and ODBC
  • Applications can also be deployed on the Web
  • Software is easily modifiable, with the minimum interruption to the customer
  • Our software works equally on Windows and on Apple Macintosh, or a mixture
For more information about Omnis, please click here Omnis Software Development Tools

Web development

For web development we normally use a framework built on PHP, JQuery and MySQL.
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