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Direct xpress A Complete Software Solution for Circulation and Distribution Departments

Direct xpress is our flagship product for newspaper publishers and the letterbox marketing industry.  It is a complete circulation and distribution system in seven integrated modules, which can all be used together or in various combinations.

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DX Newsagents covers all aspects of newspaper sales through newsagents and wholesalers.

DX Sales is the main sales module. It allows you to store, analyse and report on all newspaper sales, fed into from DX Newsagents and DX Direct. It also features a built-in facility for managing postal subscriptions and miscellaneous other sales.

DX Households is a household database which allows you to store and analyse regular readers, casual readers and potential readers. It contains facilities for canvassing new sales.

DX Direct allows you to manage a direct delivery operation, used in conjunction with DX Households. Accounting facilities are included.

DX Personnel stores details of distributors and supervisors involved in distribution of free newspapers, leaflets and direct-delivered paid-for newspapers. A flexible wage run is included.

DX Frees is the main module for managing the distribution of free newspapers and leaflets.

DX Leaflets is a flexible leaflet booking system, used in conjunction with DX Frees. It includes invoicing.

Please see also the Direct xpress Frequently Asked Questions.

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